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Submission Requirements

1. Prohibited software: The list below contains some examples of software we may consider prohibited, but it is not exhaustive:

• Software that contains pornography-focused utilities (including "porn media managers").
• Software that is obscured or is resistant to removal.
• Software that might interfere with a user's control and privacy, such as spyware and adware.
• Software with reliability or stability issues.
• Software that contains or is related to inappropriate, offensive, or sexually explicit content (including strip-poker games).
• Software that contains malicious hacking utilities.
• Software that contains blatant spamware tools (including e-mail-extraction programs and mass-messaging IM utilities).
• Software for casino, gambling, or betting software with real wagering.
• Software that contains elements designed to circumvent any of the following: technology that protects access to, or may restrict the duplication of, copyrighted material; The rules and regulations of another service (e.g. online gaming).
• Software that includes or is designed to allow a user to create or propagate code in the form of programs, applications, add-ons, ActiveX controls, or executable or script-based code, such as malware, deceptive software, malicious code, and dangerous controls.
• Software that is potentially harmful to or could compromise a user's system, software data, security, or privacy.

2. Product quality: We accept product submissions that offer usability and functionality easily available to an end user. We reserve the right to decline a product if it doesn't meet our standards of quality. We also reserve the right to remove any software from our sites at any time without advance notice.

3. Viruses: You represent and warrant that files submitted are virus-free. If we suspects or discovers a virus in a file listed in its library, it will suspend any associated listings until you provide a new, virus-free file, warrant that your product(s) is virus-free, and affirm that you have made necessary changes to your release process so viruses are not reintroduced.

4. Software bundling: You must fully and clearly disclose in your product description and during the installation process the existence of all additional programs and third-party items included or bundled with your product's downloadable file. This includes any add-ons that you or any third party has included that are not part of the downloadable file's main function. You also must provide users with a way to opt out of all additional programs and third-party software during the installation process, or allow them to opt out of the installation completely if they cannot install the primary product without the third-party software. Any notifications provided in the end-user license must be conspicuously placed and written in plain English.

5. Copyright and Trademark issues: If we determine that someone other than the legal copyright or trademark holder (or his or her official agent) has submitted a product, we will suspend the product listing. More info here.

6. Product and company duplication: Tufoxy.com does not allow multiple, separate listings of the same product or company. We reserve the right to remove or suspend listings on our download sites for any reason. Duplicate products include (but are not restricted to) products with features similar to other listings currently in the library, or similar products submitted under different company names.

7. Non-English applications and/or submissions: At this time we accept only products for English-language users, and your submissions must be completed in English. We do not provide in-house translation services for submissions in languages other than English.

8. Trial required: All product listings on our site must either be completely free or let users try the software or service before buying ("free to try"). All free-to-try products in our library may not request a credit card number before the user can use it. Currently we do not list commercial or purchase-only software.

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